Engineering, Consulting and Testing

As stated on the our home page, Industrial Plastics has a staff which includes an engineering department with full CAD capabilities including 3D and a registered professional engineer. Our engineering department is available to answer any technical questions you may have concerning FRP design, manufacturing techniques, fabrication standards/specifications, material properties of the various types of fiberglass laminates IPS manufactures and installation of industrial FRP equipment. When you call IPS, the engineer’s extension is 26.

IPS manufactures and tests all of its products to industry standards set forth by organizations such as ASTM, ASME, ASCE, ANSI, National Bureau of Standards, Florida Building Code, International Building Code, and the American Water Works Assoc. Most of the published specifications IPS fabricates to are listed on our SPECIFICATIONS page. For pure design knowledge, IPS recommends obtaining a copy of AWWA Manual M45 for design and installation of FRP pipe and ductwork, ASME/ANSI RTP-1 for FRP tank design and ASME Section X for FRP pressure vessel design.

Besides “in house” engineering, IPS is also capable of consulting “on site” for installations of pipe, duct, tanks, stacks and other vessels. IPS does field inspections of aging FRP tanks, stacks, pipe, and duct which are showing signs of excessive corrosion and structural fatigue. IPS recommends having a FRP consultant on any jobsite during all installations where the contractor’s supervisor does not possess adequate experience installing FRP products.