FRP Butterfly and Blast Gate Fiberglass Dampers

Industrial Plastic Systems has been manufacturing high quality, corrosion resistant, FRP butterfly Fiberglass dampers (BFD) and blast-gate dampers (BGD) for over 15 years. These Fiberglass dampers are manufactured in compliance with AMCA, SMACNA and NBS PS 15-69 damper/duct requirements. All IPS Fiberglass dampers are manufactured with a corrosion barrier engineered to our customers’ system’s service requirements. Our dampers can be flanged or integrally welded into a duct system. Sizes range from 4″ to 72″ diameter. Rectangular dampers in the same round sizes are available also.

There are three types of IPS butterfly Fiberglass dampers. There is an air volume control BFD without shaft and blade seals. There is a system sealing damper, which controls volume flow with a shaft seal to contain all system gases or prevent air intruding in to the duct system. A Fiberglass damper shaft seal reduces system pressure losses. Thirdly, there is a shut-off butterfly damper with full sealing capabilities up to 30″ of water column pressure. This type of BFD includes a blade & shaft seal. Seal gasket material is selected per the damper service. EPDM or neoprene gaskets are standard.

IPS’s BFDs have FRP bodies and blades. They can be manufactured with FRP, 316 stainless steel or Hasteloy blade shafts. IPS BFD’s operator types include a locking quadrant with a cantilever hand lever, hand wheel, chain wheel, pneumonic operators and electric operators. All operators include a worm gear box for transmitting torque to the blade shaft with the exception of the hand lever operator. Hand and chain wheels are available in cast iron or aluminum. IPS BFDs are manufactured using FRP, PVC and/or Teflon bearings.

IPS BGDs are air volume control dampers. Our BGDs are manufactured with an FRP body and blade. They come available with a locking heli-coil. All BGDs come with hand holes for lifting and adjusting the blades.

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