Industrial Plastic Systems has manufactured Fiberglass Reinforced Plastic (FRP) Fiberglass tanks for over 35 years at our facility in Lakeland, Florida. Our central Florida location and easy access to the major road routes is a plus for our trucking partners.

We have manufactured and fabricated a wide variety of Fiberglass tanks, from simple vertical flat bottom dome top tanks to horizontal underground Fiberglass storage tanks. Mixer and process type tanks are a bit more complicated and time consuming, but easily within our fabrication abilities. Our tanks are typically helical-wind (filament wound) with it’s enhanced physical properties, lighter weight and lower cost. Contact molded tanks can be provided when that process better suits the service requirements or cost factor.

Typical configurations include;
Vertical or horizontal with flat, cone, dish or sloped bottoms. Vertical or horizontal with dome, flat or flanged open tops.
Vertical or horizontal single or double wall for containment purposes.
Capacities to 40,000 gallons, with diameters to 13′-6.
Tanks can be heat traced and insulated to suit.
Resin system can be tailored to the specific service conditions using any of the modern polyesters, vinyl esters, Novalac vinyl esters and fire retardant versions of any of these Fiberglass Tanks will be designed and manufactured per the typical Industry Standards (ASME RTP-1, ASTM D-3299, ASTM D-4097) and project mandated specifications.

Industrial Plastic Systems can provide a full line of Fiberglass Reinforced Plastic (FRP) Fiberglass tank accessories, supplies and fittings to fit your specific requirements.

Flanged nozzles, 1” thru 12” diameter, ANSI B-16.5.
All nozzles 4” and smaller will include conical or plate gussets.
Other flange sizes, shapes and drillings available upon request.
Full skirt or leg support for cone or dish bottom tanks.
FRP heavy duty “U” shaped hold down lugs and heavy duty plate type lifting lugs.
Ladders, caged ladders, top handrails and access platforms.
Internal baffles for mixing tanks w/ reinforced top and mounting flange.

Please note: FRP tanks must be properly handled and installed to insure no damage to the vessel. Our submittal package includes specific shipping, handling and installation instructions.

The sales and engineering departments are ready and willing to assist in anyway regarding your FRP tank needs. Please do not hesitate to call with questions or requests.

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