Although Fiberglass vessels can be similar in design and construction as our tanks, they typically are more demanding due to the processes they are to be used for.

Industrial Plastic Systems has manufactured, fabricated and supplied these directly to the contractor / owner or to a system supplier on an OEM basis. Typical Fiberglass vessel types are; scrubbers, separators, carbon absorbers, aerators and columns.

As with our tanks, construction can be filament wound or contact molded with similar resin selections to suit the required service conditions.

Industrial Plastic Systems can provide a full line of Fiberglass Reinforced Plastic (FRP) tank accessories, supplies and fittings to fit your specific requirements.

Flanged nozzles, 1” thru 12” diameter, ANSI B-16.5.
All nozzles 4” and smaller will include conical or plate gussets.
Other flange sizes, shapes and drillings available upon request.
Full skirt or leg support for cone or dish bottom tanks.
FRP heavy duty “U” shaped hold down lugs and heavy duty plate type lifting lugs.
Ladders, caged ladders, top handrails and access platforms.

Please note: FRP Fiberglass vessels must be properly handled and installed to insure no damage to the vessel. Our submittal package includes specific shipping, handling and installation instructions.

The sales and engineering departments are ready and willing to assist in anyway regarding your FRP Fiberglass vessel needs. Please do not hesitate to call with questions or requests.

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